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(Okay, so I'm posting the next one sooner than I thought I would be.)

Here is another part of the request I mentioned - uploading old Star Wars fanmixes! I've lifted the text and covers straight from the first time I put them all together and shared this set of mixes and stories. This one was originally posted on November 22nd, 2009.

And again, make sure you click on the link that says DOWNLOAD FILE FROM SENDSPACE and not one of the other 32423545 DOWNLOAD buttons. Hehe~ XD


I'm sure it's easy to figure out how I feel about what happened at the end of Legacy of the Force: Invincible. Not only did my favorite character die, but he obviously took my favorite relationship with it. Now my other favorite character is mentioned only in passing ("o yea u know dat one-armed queen mama on those 69 planets err whatevah") while their darling daughter is whored around with the rest of the fam-fam who didn't give a damn about saving her GOOD OL' POPS. So besides being bitter about it (DID YOU GUYS KNOW I WAS BITTER COULD YOU TELL FOR THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF? LOL), what do I do? I fix it.

I think that's all the explanation that's really needed, yo. XD

(NOTE: The 12 little mini-fanfics/story jr.'s in this fanmix are not in any kind of order and don't link to each other. Just a warning now before the, "IS THE TIMELINE WACK HERE OR WUT?" stuff happens.)

TELL ME LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL -- six songs on Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka, post-LotF (in my world, lol)Collapse )

And in turn, six more songs. Sadly (totally crappishly D:), six songs with a more realistic approach to the Expanded Universe as of now. The snippets with these are obviously less cheery and more on the uggghhh depressing half of the scale, with a nice heaping side of angst. I apologize in advance for them. Seriously. D:

NEVER FALL AWAY -- six songs on Tenel Ka, post-LotFCollapse )

Okay, that was draining (especially that last one holy crap that could just be a freakin' fic on it's own uggghhh). D:

ALSO POINTS TO YOU IF YOU PICKED UP THE PARALLELS BETWEEN SOME OF THE STORIES. There were only little ones. But I guess some are there (Jacen being horrible at hiding his emotions, etc.) -- SOMEWHERE.

(More soon! XD)
Here is part of the request I mentioned in the last post - about uploading old Star Wars fanmixes! I've lifted the text and covers straight from the first time I put them all together and shared this thing, hehe. It was originally posted on November 19th, 2007.

THE EVERAFTER -- a Darth Caedus fanmixCollapse )

That's all for now! More fanmixes to come! XD

FANMIX: HEY! - A Jacen Solo Musical

I got a request to upload some old Star Wars fanmixes so here comes the first one! I've lifted the text and lol graphics straight from the first time I put them all together and shared this thing, hehe. It was originally posted on May 9th, 2008.


Here is another present for you all. I've been working on it forever. And I am in love with it. It's a Jacen Solo fanmix Musical.

It's called: HEY - a Jacen Solo Musical

As for a preview of what you will find under the cut.

(Also, Mullet!Jacen and his Kill List.)

And that's all I have to say about that.

OH OH OH WAIT, there are no Invincible spoilers under this cut! Although there's lots of cursing and other assorted asshattery, BUT DID YOU EXPECT ANY LESS?


JACEN SOLO WANTS YOU! FOR GAG! To GAG? To gag, wait, what? -- warning for lots of languages of the cursing kind and lots of cracktastical Star Warish janks. Also, caps lock fun!Collapse )

That is that. More fanmixes to come. XD
I've had this costume done for a few years now, but I've recently redone the sleeves (aluminum scales instead of snakeskin fabric pinned or sewn together like they were before - they were falling apart :o!) and put the waist capes together on set of fabric/ribbon belts I made instead of just shoving them in my waistband and other belts like I did before, haha~

I'll hopefully have some of the individual shots up on flickr this weekend (the ones where I'm not being derpy, which is about 10% of them XD).

Costume: Tenel Ka Djo
Fandom: Star Wars: Expanded Universe - Legacy of the Force: Tempest cover
Date Taken: April 9, 2010
Pictures taken by: Nate/draelight

Tenel Ka Djo Costume - Tempest by ~holler-you-home on deviantART
Title: A Scoundrel to a Princess
Series: Star Wars: Expanded Universe (post-Legacy of the Force)
Characters: Tenel Ka, Han Solo
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,543
Date Written: November 2009
Notes: This was actually something I included in a fanmix a little over a year ago, but out of all the little mini-fanfictions in there, I think this was my favorite. I wanted to revisit it and maybe add to it, but once I looked over it again (and after a few revisions), I realized it should stay the way it is. Also, the fact that Han and Tenel Ka's (scoundrel/royalty) moment outside mirrors the Jacen and Leia (lol sort of the same, thanks Caedus - i guess that should be jerk/royalty) moment is where the title came from - since I didn't title these before.

Leia and I don't like seeing you like this. I'm sure Jacen wouldn't want to see you like this either. I know you're stronger than this.Collapse )